Virtual Board Portals

Board portals are hubs for managing meetings that are safe. Board portals allow members to spend less time dealing with administrative tasks, and more focused on governance. A robust portal for board members eliminates the cost of printing and distributing physical board materials.

Ideally, board documents should be distributed at least two to three days prior to the meeting so that directors can go through the documents prior to the meeting. This allows the board to review and discuss each paper in advance. It’s also the ideal time to ensure that all directors are aware of any changes made to the original report, or any new information that has been added to an update.

Boards can benefit from a set of tools which allows them to efficiently plan and run meetings, collaborate with committees and colleagues and produce minutes after each meeting. They should also be able give their stakeholders a single source for accurate, current and complete materials for boards.

To get the most out of your portal, select a provider who is willing to collaborate directly with your IT department and who takes into consideration the security requirements of your business. Be sure that the application you select is ISO 27001 compliant, with encryption during transport and at rest and the ability to control authentication and access. It should also provide 24/7 support by a dedicated internal specialist team. Make sure that the provider of your board portal regularly passes testing for penetration and external audits.

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