Gombe National Park

Gombe National Park is the smallest national park in Tanzania which has a good wildlife and natural vegetation cover  and is also called “The country or the home of chimpanzees” due to its large population of great apes. In the west Gombe is boardered by Lake Tanganyika which is the World’s longest, second deepest and least polluted freshwater . Tracking the chimps of Gombe it provides a magical experience.

Mahale National Park

This is a park which borders the beautiful lake Tanganyika  which is the longest lake in the world, it is a home to some of the Africa’s last remaining wild chimpanzees and they are habituated to human visitors. Mahale is a stunning national park to visit.

Katavi National Park

This is a spectacular national park as it is the third largest national park in Tanzania and one of the most unspoilt areas of Africa and it is  famous for its undisturbed natural face compared to other parks in the country. There is a lot of flora and fauna and mostly during the rainy season it happens that there is a high concentration of hippos and crocodiles.